Zeta's World


Guilherme Töws (code/art),
Matthew Steele (music),
Troupe Gammage (music),
Sean Oyler (sound effects),
Matt Gambrell (code polish),
Ben McGraw (code polish),
Nicholas Vining (code polish)


1999 (Zeux's World),
2006 (Zeta's World)




Single player


MS-DOS, Windows




Zeta's World

Zeta's World is a commercial Mario-like platformer game by Zaratustra. It was originally released in 1999, as a freeware game called Zeux's World, which was a game made with Verge. In 2006, it was re-released commercially as Zeta's World using Zara's SHINY engine, with updated levels, graphics, and audio.


320px|thumb|rightMuch of the gameplay is similar to Super Mario games, with collectable coins and gems, blocks that you smash into with your head, and enemies to jump on. The game features different themed areas: grassland (Grasslands), mountain (Mountainview), water (Aquaria), graveyards, beach (Beachwalk), city (Metropolis), cave (Earthgrotto), and others. Items can be purchased at Pit Stops with collected gems, which can make the harder levels more manageable.

The Tower of Dystopia is the main hub of the game, and connects many different areas together. Levels inside the tower are unique and feature bizarre endurance challenges like light gravity, heavy gravity, upside-down screens, reversed controls, invisible player, and other things. There is usually branching in the tower, allowing you to choose what challenge you want to take, occasionally leading you to completely different exits of the map. Dystopia is the one area where the game doesn't auto-save, and if you get a game over or quit while still inside the tower, you need to redo all the challenges in-between the entrance and exit. Once you clear to an exit though, you don't need to redo the stages in-between again.


Zeux's WorldEdit

  • Zeux's World was one of the first games to actually be finished using Verge.
  • The original was full of ripped sound effects, and weird music: the level completion sound was a riff from the Pokemon theme song, the player death was occasionally a Pac-man sound, the intro theme was a very messed up song with Batman movie clips mixed into it, and Dystopia had a very annoying theme called "Ride of the Retards".
  • Zeux's World is full of references to MegaZeux games by Gregory Janson. The intro looks like the village from Caverns of Zeux. The background music in Earthgrotto and boss music is from Caverns of Zeux. The main character is a blue smiley hero that looks like the ASCII symbol for the Dwarves in that game.

Zeta's WorldEdit

  • Zeta's World includes five sets of procedurally generated levels, solvable either in sequence or by creating a new one each time you play. One of the sets is available as a secret level in the demo.
  • In the commercial version's world map, type CATURDAY to reach a secret challenge level. Other world map codes: OVER9000, DSFARGEG, HABEEBIT. [don't seem to work - bogus?]

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