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Wolfire is 4 people: twins David Rosen and Jeffrey Rosen, John Graham, and Aubrey Serr, their artist. About 13 years ago David and Jeff met an owner-less dog at their cabin in Sierra City. They decided to adopt him and named him 'Wolfenstein' or 'Wolfie' for short. Later this name would be the inspiration for the company name 'Wolfire':

"When David was thinking of a name for his video game company, Wolfie sprang to mind. If you add an ‘r’ you get Wolfire. Wolves are cool, and so is fire, so why not Wolfire?" - Jeff Rosen



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Design Tour - Aquaria

Design Tour - Aquaria

Design Tour for Aquaria

  • According to Phil Fish, Wolfire has two full time people just for PR, which is two more than most indies have for PR.
  • They did 4 "Design Tour" videos of indie games: Aquaria, Knytt Stories, World of Goo and Gish.
  • There was some controversy over the Aquaria design tour (right): Alec argued that what Wolfire saw as design flaws were intentional design decisions to emphasize exploration and figuring things out, and that he wanted to avoid hand-holding; the design tour said that the game would have been better if it gave the player more direction and didn't require that the player figure so much out through experimentation.

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