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future additionsEdit

I want to somewhere mention the following:


Possible themesEdit

as a category:

Mr. Robot

  • space/scifi
  • nature

Blueberry Garden

  • nightmares

Au Sable, La La Land

  • cute
  • death

You Only Live Once, Karoshi, Deaths, Today I Die, The Graveyard, Execution

  • fantasy

Immortal Defense

  • abstract

Clean Asia, Mondo Medicals, Everyday Shooter, Space Giraffe

  • contemporary
  • school

Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble, Super Columbine Massacre RPG!

  • ninjas

Too Many Ninjas, N+, Nikujin, Shotgun Ninja

  • dinosaurs

Off-Road Velociraptor Safari, Dino Run

Category Name?Edit

All these titles were first released for free, before expanding upon the original and polishing it, and releasing it commercially.

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