This is a short list of tips we have collected to help you on your way to contributing to the wiki.

We have already created quite a few STUB (empty, unfinished) articles for you to fill in, but for creating new articles:

Source editingEdit

We advise using source editing, instead of the flash editor, because we have some templates to make things easier, which can only be properly edited in source mode.


If you want to create a new Game article, make a new empty article, write {{subst:Game}}, and save the page. After this, you can go and edit page again, to fill out the newly generated template. You can use {{subst:Developer}} in the same way, for developer articles.


If you want to create a redirect, use this formatting, again on an empty page, in source mode: #redirect [[pagename]], and save page. This doesn't mean the url, just the name of the article.


We also like for you to categorize as much as possible according to given categories, like 'Australian developers', 'Game Maker developers' or '2005 games' by using the + Add category button at the bottom. Please try to ensure you are not creating duplicate categories. After you add a category, you can add a sort key for it so it displays in correct order on the category pages.

Sortkeys for Category: People, GamesEdit

To do this, edit the page again, go down to the categories, and click the two way arrows and modify the sort key which defaults to the article name. If you have the code view, you add a '|' after the category name and then add a sort key. You would want to change the sort key for People from 'John Peterson' to 'Peterson, John'.

If a game title starts with 'The', you would want to change the sort key for the Game from 'The Path' to 'Path, The'.


If you want to insert an image in the infobox, use the format '''File:picture.jpg''', instead of the generated [[File:picture.jpg|thumb]] to not get messy. Otherwise, the default toolbar inserts should work fine.

No self-promotion, please.Edit

We don't want contributors to view this wiki as a chance to advertise. This isn't meant to imply that people shouldn't contribute information about themselves or correct factual errors. Quite often in our small, DIY-oriented community the experts and the participants are the same people. There is a line, however vague, past which self-promotion becomes predatory. At that point it is unwelcome.

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