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Time Fcuk, Time Fukc, Time Fkuc
Time fuck.png


Edmund McMillen, William Good (programming), Justin Karpel (music)


September 6th, 2009


puzzle platformer


single player






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The story of Time Fcuk involves the protagonist being forced into a strange box by what appears to be himself from the future. Inside the box, there are multiple versions of him that communicate with him, some further along than him and some behind. Also while in the box, another person named Steven starts to grow out of his head and develop into what appears to be a twin of the protagonist before falling off and running away.


Gameplay in Time Fcuk consists of the player attempting to get to the exit portal. The player will have to move and stack boxes, collect keys, hold down switches, use warps, and manipulate gravity to get to the exit portal. The major gameplay mechanic in Time Fcuk involves switching the foreground with the background layer at will, while remaining in the same position. Moving between layers can be dangerous, since if you move into a space where a block is, you will kill your self. Certain blocks and platforms can be moved between layers by touching them when you switch. Additionally, some levels contain objects that will cause the layer to mirror either vertically or horizontally.


  1. This was Edmund Mcmillens last game he worked on before Super Meat Boy
  2. Time FCUK was inspired by his 10 year high school reunion
  3. The characters model was rushed because he was late on the designs
  4. Steven is featured as a secret boss in the Binding Of Isaac
  5. Time FCUK, The Binding Of Isaac and The End is Nigh have a deep dark connection rather than his cameo apperance

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