Start game articles with a blank page, then switch to source mode, write {{subst:Game}} and save the page. Now your article will contain Template:Game and you can edit it to fill it in. Other thematic templates are used in the same way. We need more templates to bring structure to this wiki (Template:Developer, Template:Contest, Template:Jam, Template:Conference, Template:Meme, Template:Community, Template:Tool, Template:Showcase)

Infoboxes (neat tables on the right side) should be standartized: Template:InfoboxGame, Template:InfoboxJam, Template:InfoboxDeveloper, Template:InfoboxContest, Template:InfoboxConference, Template:InfoboxTool, Template:InfoboxShowcase

You can only edit the infobox in Source mode (rightmost button)

If you want protected templates to be modified, ask User:Ortoslon or User:Fartron

Added Template:Portal for the frontpage boxes Esq 03:57, September 23, 2010 (UTC)

Wikia documentation on templates

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