Saturated Dreamers
Saturated dreamers.png


Paul Eres, Hardi Gosal, Jeanne Thornton, Kelly Lea Harris, Long Dao, Lurk






single player


Windows, Mac


mouse, or keyboard, or analog joystick



Saturated Dreamers is a game made by some members of RPGCreations: Paul Eres, Hardi Gosal, Kelly Lea Harris, Jeanne Thornton, and Long Dao. It also has portraits and cutscene art by Lurk. It has been in active development since the release of Immortal Defense in May of 2007.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Described as a zeldalike, it's an exploratory action-adventure game, where you fly/hover around in a crash-landed spaceship, on a sentient lake planet which was inspired by the book Solaris. You obtain various devices to use in gaining the friendship of a wide range of creatures, including a booster, an energy sword (for cutting foilage), a grappling chain, and a subaqua mode.

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