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PSONIC (Project Service of Originality and Nicely Integrated Conception/Creation) Team is a group of few members in publishing and game development with Game Maker and other programs that are important to create such as Multimedia Fusion by Clickteam. It was founded by Axl Jet Baños, the one who enjoyed his interests during his school life like playing M.U.G.E.N with his computer. Their first game, Invaderoid is inspired from Taito's Space Invaders but not to be confused with MadLadDesign's game title with letter "s" at the end and its gameplay is fast due to the enemy's pattern. After college and experiencing job in the future, it will be founded again as PSONIC Incorporated.

Games developed[]

In development/Work in progress[]

  • SVR (2014)
  • Laser Reflection (Pong clone)
  • Invasive Force (Balloon Bomber clone)
  • Savage Invaders (Millipede/Centipede clone)
  • Field Commando
  • Invasive Monsters
  • Envasion
  • Total Obliteration
  • Space Force
  • Piken
  • Extraterrace
  • Cosmoron (combination of Space Invaders and Breakout)
  • Space Hole (sequel to Space Hole, which the gameplay style of Quarth is added)
  • Aegius
  • Heedine
  • Ziacodine
  • Street Fist
  • Busteroid (like Space Hole. It is a combination of Space Invaders and Breakout)
  • Space Raid
  • Combat Zone
  • Alien Resistance
  • Razing Force