thumb|320px|right|The Notorious P.I.G.: This Is Indie GamesPIGScene stands for Pretentious Indie Game Scene and is a parody site of TIGSource, run by Arthur Lee and Super Joe.

Mostly a source of controversy, posts concern criticism and mocking of indie games, indie developers and their culture. It features several songs sung by Arthur Lee making fun of indie game culture. In recent times it's been a notable critic of the IGF.

PIGScene has its own irc channel on #pigscene, you can also use this link to access it via the web.

Examples of writing styleEdit

thumb|320px|right|The Underside: Facelift Video thumb|320px|right|The Indie Games Theme Song "You might say this game feels a bit like the indie game “Braid,” to which I might begin to retort but then simply stop, only to ask “Indie?”, pointing you towards Braid's $180,000 budget, and then towards a small door. A green “Exit” sign overhead — flickering on and off –beckoning you to enter. You open the door and step through. You are greeted by Mario and Sonic on the other side."

"Overwrought metaphors aside, there’s almost something despicable about this game; the way it carefully emulates retro classics while inserting a gimmick presenting itself as new and innovative. The method in which it employs the most unnecessary and shallow “metroid-like” free-roaming environment in recent memory, seemingly just because it wasn’t indie enough already. Every screen, room title and spike pit reeks of indie, and yet at its heart it is merely a foul construct; an imitation. When historians look back to pinpoint the death of the independent spirit, coldly calculating machinations like VVVVVV will be the ones fingered."

Examples of song lyricsEdit

But what I know is that without my indie games, //
My life would be a mess, //
Just like, Passage taught me life is short, //
I Wanna Be The Guy taught me that life's not fair, //
Punishment is what I deserve, //
Punishment 2 if you wanna join me, //
I'll wander the earth looking for a reason, //
Like I did in Knytt looking for some keys and //
Unlocking the door to the Crimson Room, //
But Crimson Room, that game isn't indie at all, //


  • One of the songs created for PIGScene was inadvertently used in a documenary about TIGSource: the maker of that documentary mistook its sarcasm for earnest enthusiasm.
  • Several trailers of Joe no Geemu were first featured on PIGScene.
  • PIGScene was the first site to preview Spelunky, calling it a clone of La Mulana. This was done using a copy stolen from the secret TIGSource forums by unknown means.
  • Phil Fish was once interviewed by PIGScene.
  • Phil Fish once threatened to sue PIGScene for the use of his photos without his permission. Arthur Lee ignored the threats and the lawsuits never materialized.

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