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Merveilles is an MMO currently under open development by Aliceffekt. It is an MMO distilled down to the purest elements: simple exploration, simple fights, simple player interaction, in a tiny environment with tiny characters and tiny text. It seems to have taken inspiration from Yume Nikki and various small pixel art styles.


The player moves around the environment, colliding with enemies in order to fight. Fights are extremely simple, where the enemy simply damages the player based on their level and dies if the player is not killed by that hit, upon which the player gains experience. The player can return to certain points to refill their health or be revived from death. Originally, all the levels were randomly generated, but now mapped levels are being added over time.

Towns and Cities Edit

The game has a few important towns, here is a list. For a dynamic list of portal between the cities, visit

Junction Traverse Edit


Located on F4, the warp spell to Junction is unlocked at level 3. This is the first city and also first connection to the portal room(north west). There is a massive monolith leading to Hayfields (F1) south east of the city. The link to the following floor is on the south west of the town. To return to the previous floor, a set of stairs is located south east of the city near the monolith.

Lumines Town Edit

Located on F14, the warp spell to Lumines is unlocked at level 13. This town is under construction.

Karmilla Hills Edit

Located on F24, the warp spell to Karmilla is unlocked at level 23. This town is under construction.

Harriot CityEdit

Located on F34, the warp spell to Harriot is unlocked at level 33. This town is under construction.


  • Proper Android and IPhone clients are currently under development. It can still be run in a browser on both.
  • The game uses a 3 x 3 pixel font that is the smallest font readable by humans. A .ttf version is available here.
  • Merveille is French for "wonder".

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