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Mat Dickie
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Brigg, North Lincolnshire, England

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Mat "MDickie" Dickie is a game developer known for his games and personality. His most famous games include Hard Time, The You Testament, Under Development, and Wrestling MPire. He uses Blitz for his 3D games. A prolific developer, he often created four games a year, called "seasons of dub". Until recently, most of his games were commercial but when he retired he made them all freeware, although you can still buy all of his games on one CD for a nominal price. He currently writes books (he has written three: an autobiography, a book about how atheists are fundamentally fearful, and a book on the connection between sports and spirituality) which have no names or publication history, other than that there's not much known about him.


thumb|320px|right|A Decade of Dickie


PC 2005-2014

Mobile 2011-2018

  • CM Punk's Promo Cutter (2011)
  • Moksha (2011)
  • Sure Shot (2012)
  •  (2012)
  • ₩₩¥ (2013)
  • Hard Time (2013)
  • Popscene (2014)
  • LAWWE🆚LUCHA100% 3D (2014)
  • School Days (2015)
  • Weekend Warriors (2015)
  • Super City (2016)
  • Wrecked (2017)
  • Extra Lives (2017)
  • Back Wars (2018)
  • The You Testament : The 2D Coming (2018) External links