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Path editing in the Unity editor.

This is a list of tools that people use to help make their games. The point of this list is to make known some of the tools that are out there, so that newcomers can have a handy informative list to dig through. Then they can spend less time looking at engines and art programs and such, and more time making games.

Try to keep these alphabetical.


These are game making tools that have integrated editors that assist in making parts of the game. They usually have a smaller difficulty curve than an engine or library. However, sometimes the ease of development will cost you, because the engines sometimes have limitations on what the user can accomplish. But (in the case of 3D engines especially) it may be something you're willing to live with.


  • Activision Gamemaker

Text or Ascii Based[]



Adventure Games[]


  • Click & Create
  • Jamagic
  • Klik'n'Play
  • Multimedia Fusion
  • Multimedia Fusion 2
  • The Games Factory
  • The Games Factory 2



Libraries and Engines[]

These are game making tools that provide most of their flexibility through user programming. They typically don't provide everything out of the box, but allow enough flexibility to build useful things by hand-coding. Libraries tend to make everything happen through explicit user code in a particular language. Engines on the other hand, usually have hooks and callbacks and/or have a scripting language through which the user can control their game.



Level Editors[]

These are game making tools that assist in making level formats that can be loaded in by different engines.

  • Tiled
  • Ogmo Editor


These are tools that are utilized in make art assets for games.


These are tools that are used to create 3D objects which can be used by games.

Sound Effects[]

These help with the creation of sounds in games.

Music Composition[]

These are used to make soundtracks and background music for games.

  • Famitracker
  • GarageBand
  • Milky Tracker
  • Modplug Tracker
  • pxtone
  • Reason
  • Renoise