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Guilherme Töws (code/art), Matthew Steele (music), Miroslav Malesevic (music)






Single player


Windows (Wine compatible)




Zaratustra Productions


Let's Play Eversion - 1 - Cocoron Clone

Let's Play by Deceased Crab

Eversion is a freeware game by Zaratustra. It was later re-released with improved graphics and revamped audio as Eversion HD, available as donationware and is now available on Steam.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Eversion plays like a rather generic platormer. You can walk and jump, and collect gems (sometimes hidden in coin blocks). If you get all of the gems in every level, you unlock a secret level with the "good" ending. Eversion's twist is that there are multiple layers of reality with different amounts of danger. You can switch between these dimensions at "everse" points, areas scattered throughout each level.

Different layers have different traits. Some scene elements will completely disappear or become dangerous as you wander toward the dark side. Brick blocks will disintegrate to the touch, plants that block you will die or become thorny, face blocks will no longer give up jewels, clouds will become solid. Enemies will also change, morphing happy walkers into grinning demons, turning inert stones into wandering monsters, and creating giant hands that raise out of pits and water to kill you.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Originally designed for the Commonplace Book Competition - it was inspired by the line, "Sounds - possibly musical - heard in the night from other worlds or realms of being." It was awarded third place, behind Verge and From Primordial Egg.
  • Some of the original compo release's music was ripped from the NES game Cocoron (because the author had it lying around in S3M format). However, later releases have removed this (presumably so Eversion HD could be sold).
  • The game's readme file simply describes the story as "princess is kidnapped / you must save princess".
  • The main character's name is Zee Tee. His character was originally designed for a sequel of Zeux's World. Zeux, ZT, get it?
  • Zaratustra, creator of the term "sadlet", has stated that he doesn't think Eversion is a sadlet, even though it is short and has an ending that could be construed as sad ending, because it is not a dominating theme in the game.

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