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Clysm (who also goes by Tapeworm and Wourme, among many other names) is a Louisiana-based indie developer who started making games for the Commodore 64 using Activision Gamemaker, then moved on to PC with ZZT and Game Maker. He is perhaps most famous for Seiklus, which was one of the earliest games to focus the gameplay on world exploration and almost nothing else.

He also runs Game Maker Games, a site and forum about Game Maker, with Darthlupi.


In development[]


  • Clysm went on a mission to Estonia, where he learned some Estonian; the word seiklus is Estonian for adventure.
  • Clysm is married and dedicated Seiklus to his wife.
  • Clysm keeps a dream diary on his site and on LiveJournal, with very interesting dreams.
  • Clysm, as "Tapeworm", has a cameo in one of Shawn Noel's Jetz Rampage games.
  • Clysm has a real name known to a few indie developer friends, but would probably prefer it not be revealed.
  • Clysm and Paul Eres started the Kiva lending team for independent game developers: team, which collectively has loaned over $20,000 to the working poor.

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