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Captain Forever
blast from destroying a ship




October 24 2009


Strategy, dog eat dog


Single Player




Keyboard, Mouse



Captain Forever is the first in a series of space themed strategy games, made by Farbs, where you destroy other ships, and use their remains to enhance your own.

The Captain series has employed a novel payment method, where people that become supporters, meaning they pay for the series once, get access to all games when available, and early access to betas.

Since Successor's release, Captain Forever has been playable for free on its website.

Captain Forever has won the first IGF China.


The game starts you out with a small single block red ship with a tiny laser and thrusters, and an info buoy delivers you 4 extra blocks, 2 external thrusters and an external laser. The goal from there on out is to then tackle opponents with a bigger number or higher quality of blocks, thrusters or lasers by knocking out their hearts, which disintegrates them, letting you pick up the pieces to add onto your ship.

You can arrange your ship in whichever way you like, think strategic, or have the time for before more dangerous opponents come your way. The trick to arranging your ship is to keep the amount of weight(each unit has a certain amount) and thrust in equilibrium to keep your ship controllable, because these attributes are directly linked to your agility and speed.

The game controls with the QWEASD keys, with Q and E strafing, A and D keys handling clock- and counterclockwise rotation respectively, with the remaining W and S giving forward and backward propulsion. You can zoom the game in and out a couple of times to alternate between a precise view of your ships components, useful when reconstructing it, and keeping the location and power of your opponent's ship in view.

The color corresponding to the parts quality is: green, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, aqua, white and "X".


  • When you destroy a ship, you will be left alone for around 20 seconds, giving you time to rearrange your ships components.
  • Never will more than 3 ships be in your vicinity.
  • Some influences for the game were Battleships Forever, FlOw and TUMIKI Fighters

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