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Blackwell Legacy is a point'n'click adventure game created in Adventure Game Studio. It was created by Dave Gilbert under the name Wadjet Eye Games.


The game is a classic point'n'click adventure, though with smaller emphasis on inventory puzzles. Notable feature is a notepad, inspired by the one from Discworld Noir, that is automatically updated with new clues and topics of conversation, that can be later combined to form logical deductions. This is fitting, as the game is about being a paranormal investigator. In addition, at some points in the game you can use the computer to look up extra information about specific topics.


The game takes place in New York, and you play as Rosangela Blackwell, an amateur writer with social anxiety living alone in a small apartment. The game begins after her Aunt dies after years of being in a coma - this being her only family. She is working as a book reviewer for a local newspaper, until she is assigned to write an article about the suicide of a local college student (as all other reporters are busy). She writes the article, but the next day, she wakes up, only to find out that she's haunted - that the legacy of Blackwell family is being a medium, and being attached to a rather annoying ghost from the 1920's called Joey Malone. Joey informs Rosa that she has to help ghosts who are stuck in this world move on - or end up crazy and in a coma like her aunt. And the best start is to investigate the mystery of the young student girl's suicide. And here's where the REAL game starts.


  • The game actually started development long ago as a freeware game Bestowers of Eternity. That old version of the game was unfinished, and cut off after the Joey revealed himself.
  • Blackwell Legacy is one of the few commercial games made with Adventure Game Studio, was nominated for 4 AGS awards and actually won the AGS award for Best Character Art.
  • Due to it's success, the game spawned 4 sequels in the Blackwell series, and a spin-off game set in the same universe called Unavowed.
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