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Platform RPG


Single Player




Arrow Keys, Space Bar


Blackfoot is a platform RPG by Dan Fornace made in Game Maker where you play as a creature from the weasel family.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Play through 4 action packed levels where you must collect 10 eggs hidden throughout the stage and kill your prey at the end of the level. The eggs are very hidden and it will take you multiple runs to be each level. But do not fret, as long as you kill your prey with any number of eggs, you will be rewarded with experience! Level your weasel at the menu screen by adding Jump, Acceleration or Speed. Be aware at high levels, acceleration becomes less important for making crucial jumps. Hide in holes/caves to make creatures no longer see you or to allow your prey to pass with you unnoticed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Blackfoot was originally designed to have a Mongoose but it turns out that they are not in the weasel family.
  • Blackfoot was made in 3 months for the fifth YoYo Games competition.
  • Animation for Blackfoot was inspired by BBC's Video Archive and Osamu Tezuka's work with Animal Animations.
  • Blackfoot's sound effects are all people making noises, from running to biting and jumping.
  • Blackfoot was originally intended to be more stealth-based but developing into a speed-based gathering game.

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