Alec Holowka


Winnipeg, Canada

Worked with

Kyle Pulver, Phil Fish, Derek Yu, Flashbang, Petri Purho, Daniel Baranowsky, Mark Johns


Infinite Ammo

Alec Holowka was a game developer from Canada. He has made Aquaria together with Derek Yu as Bit-blot and formed Infinite Ammo with a range of part time developers.


The first publicly released title he worked on was I'm OK, with Derek Yu. Alec also created Celu for a Gamma event, and worked on Paper Moon and Owl Country. In 2009, he released Das Cube for iPhone, a collaboration with Mark Johns. Danny B did the music.

Entering Aquaria into the IGF in 2007, it went on to win the Seamus McNally Grand Prize of that year.

Alec was also a musician, having done music for games like: Crane Wars, Verge, Jetpack Brontosaurus, Depict1, Crayon Physics and Aquaria.

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Pajama Jam

Pajama Jam



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