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A Hardy Developer's Journal (shortened to HardyDev) is possibly the only adventure gaming website dedicated specifically to indie adventure games that instead of limiting itself to reviews, regularly posts new feature articles promoting the indie style of game design. The site posts interviews, dev diaries, game design articles, silly interludes, and anything related the authors can think of. Most of these texts are written by people who have finished making at least one game of their own. You’ll find here articles by such well known indie devs as Ben Chandler (Shifter’s Box; Eternally Us), Vince Twelve (Anna; Resonance) and the IGF 2009 finalist Joshua Nuernberger.

The Site's Goal[]

HardyDev came to be as a reaction to indie adventure games being often completely ignored by both indie games fans as well as adventure games fans. Rather than focusing on praising the storytelling potential of the adventure game genre, or trying to pass it as more high-braw than the others (which some adventure game fans tend to do), HardyDev simply opposes the wide-spread notion of the genre's inherent conservatism and lack of progress - seeking out interesting and innovative gameplay ideas within adventure game parameters.

HardyDev has been around and is continuously updated since January 2009.

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