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5 Days a Stranger
Exploring the mansion


Ben Croshaw




Point and Click Adventure


Single Player






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5 Days a Stranger is the first of four horror adventure games in the award-winning Chzo Mythos series from Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, lauded for their complex narrative and high standard of writing quality.


In the game, the player takes on the role of a skillful cat burglar known only as "Trilby", who, upon breaking into the isolated DeFoe Manor in search of valuables, finds himself trapped inside by some unknown force along with four other people. It quickly becomes apparent that some dangerous entity is present in the house, and the trapped residents are forced to uncover the darkest secrets of the manor's history in order to escape.

Gameplay is a standard point-and click adventure verb system (Walk, Talk, Look, Interact).



A dapper cat burglar who considers himself a gentleman thief. Intelligent, but somewhat paranoid and conceited.

Simone Taylor[]

Simone is a BBC reporter, famous for her invasive investigative reporting. Arriving early for her documentary on DeFoe Manor led to her imprisonment.

Philip Harty[]

A self-declared "treasure hunter", Philip is a brash and sarcastic thief, seeking a legendary prize beneath the manor.

James "Jim" Fowler[]

A young student from a nearby boarding school, who found himself trapped after a schoolyard dare went horribly wrong. Optimistic and helpful, Jim just worries about getting home again.


A shrunken, nervous man who says little and gives away nothing. The others believe he's been in the mansion more than a week, supposedly there to investigate something. He is later revealed to be a governmental investigator, though the specifics of the investigation are unknown.


  • Originally, there were two versions of the game: the ordinary free version and a 'Director's Cut' that was available for a small donation. The Director's Cut is now freely available, and features a commentary track, a soundtrack, concept art and a previously unrevealed scene.
  • Each Chzo Mythos game features a different control system, with the first being the most straightforward, and the later games experimenting more with the adventure game format.
  • The game won 5 awards from the AGS community in 2003.

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